Good Enough Gardening

Good Enough Gardening

garden shed flowers Good Enough Gardening started in 2009 and was a little different at the time when gardening blogs were the order of the day. Set up by Jean Ann Van Krevelen, garden author and social media subversive, and joined by Amanda Thomsen (AKA Kiss My Aster). Concentrating on pod casts they developed a great following who tuned into their ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

Their motto was 'Good Enough Gardening is a new gardening pod cast that offers organic gardening tips and information about gardening in containers, as well as perennial gardening and vegetable gardening conversation and resources. Our motto is: Embrace the Perfection of an Imperfect Garden!' so was a great basis for their success over the years.

The following paragraphs describe what other parties were saying about them. And it shows what a breath of fresh air there were at the time and right through to 2014 with their web site online long after that.

This blog is actually a pod cast hosted by the author of Grocery Gardening and the author of the Horticulture magazine blog, Kiss My Aster. Jean Ann and Amanda have taken me on as their “Junior Correspondent,” and I occasionally have a guest spot on their pod cast. It’s a lot of fun, with some off-colour language and good gardening information.

Two women, Jean Ann Krevelen and Amanda Thomsen, discuss gardening and their lives in general. They are upbeat and funny, but they tend to get off-topic and meander. Not necessarily a bad thing! What I like about them is that they aren't about doing things perfectly. They make gardening accessible. They also have a hotline for questions and comments.

By combining our expertise of over 40 years in the garden buildings industry with Good Enough Gardening then hopefully we can build on their great work.

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